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225/60R16~OMN~RPX800~SL BW 98H TL

subclass_all season

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Brand: Omni

Size: 225/60R16~OMN~RPX800~SL

Category: rpx800

Class: passenger

Sub Class: all season

Manufacturer: omni

Partno: rsc0012

In Stock - Quantity = 11
225/60R16~OMN~RPX800~SL BW 98H TL - RPX 800

This pattern features three tread designs rolled into one incredible all season tire. The outside has a lower rubber to void ratio for stability while cornering and the centerline of the tire has a continuous rib for braking and highspeed stability. The inside has a greater rubber to void ratio for enhanced traction in wet and winter conditions. Tread compound has been specially formulated to enhance comfort and provide exceptional tread life.