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You Need Easy Tire Financing

At Snap we understand that life throws us so many unexpected curve balls, and we understand that good people can have bad credit. We want to help you get the things you need so your life is free of financial stress. Getting approved for loans and financing boils down to your credit rating. The higher your credit score, the lower your interest payments and the more likely you are to be given larger amounts for a loan. When you have average credit or low credit, your interest rate goes up and the amount of the loan is usually for less money upfront. As you prove yourself to a lender, they may offer to give you a better rate on future purchases or lower your rates for the terms of the loan. We offer quick, "no credit needed" approvals for up to $3,000 on tires, depending on your income, job history and other factors, so you don’t have to wait around to find out if you’re approved. We set up automatic payments so your payments are easy and effortless each month.

Finance Your Tires, Rims and Wheels 

Tires are an important major purchase to keep your car running on the road properly.  Without good tires you could have frequent flats causing you to miss work or important appointments, not to mention the safety risk. You can find a solution to financing your tires even if you have bad credit. A lease to own agreement could be the perfect solution. You deserve the tires you need so you can rely on your transportation. Find out if Snap is right for you and apply today!

Wheel and Tire Financing You Can Count On

Don’t let your lack of funds hold you back from getting new tires. Snap is a different type of finance company and we’ll help you finance your wheels so you can be safe on the road. Quick financing and automatic payments make it easy for you to get back on track to having good credit again.

How Financing Tires with Bad Credit Works

Unsecured loans are loans that don't require collateral like a home or car as value for the loan. Amounts for these types of loans can be anywhere from $500 to $30,000. People with a good credit rating can expect to get the best interest rates when borrowing money. It also makes sense that as your credit score goes down, your interest rate goes up because lending you money is of greater risk to the company. People with no credit history can also expect to have higher interest rates than those who have a long history of paying on a loan. There's good news for people with bad or no credit. Many lending institutions will consider more than just your credit score before deciding whether or not to lend you money to buy tires.

What are the Financing Options?

There are many institutions and companies offer loans and financing for tires you can consider. Credit unions, banks, online lenders, and other companies will help you finance your major purchases. Your local credit union could be a great first place to start looking for a loan. A credit union is a non-profit organization offering very affordable rates on personal loans. It's a great option for people who want to finance $2,500 or less and have good or average credit scores. Some credit unions like to help people with less than perfect credit because it helps the members of the community.

Peer-to-peer lending is another way to finance tires. They offer investor-funded loans to consumers with good credit scores. Instead of one person that approves the loan, a group of investors makes the decision on who will get a loan. These kinds of loans are generally a good fit for people in higher income brackets with many years of positive credit history. Interest rates are as low as 5.99% and the length of the loan can be 3-to-5 years. 

If you're looking for a loan and have an average credit rating there are still plenty of options for financing new tires. Banks, online lenders, and other lenders still give loans to consumers with average credit scores. The interest rate may be a little higher and will definitely go up if you miss a payment, but there are several major lenders who take into account things like your earning potential at work and your job history before turning you down for a loan. 

Consumers with poor credit know that it's difficult to find a loan with a low interest rate or even a high interest rate. One option if you have poor credit is to ask someone to co-sign on your loan. Lenders are more likely to consider you when you have someone with good credit to help out. It's also possible to use property as collateral when you have poor credit, which may also improve your chances of getting a loan. It's important to know that if you default on your loan and have a co-signer, they are responsible to pay back the money to the lender. With bad credit, expect to see interest rates varying from around 30-80%, but some lenders even go higher than that. Just remember that little or no credit or bad credit doesn't disqualify you automatically from getting a loan to finance your tires. It just means you might have to look in a few more places before you find the answer.

Another common type of lender is the payday company. These lenders prey on consumers with poor credit who aren't armed with knowledge about any other options. Many of these companies charge 500% interest or more on loans- and for financing tires, that could mean a lot of money. The loans usually come with many ridiculous fees as well. People with poor credit honestly believe that there are no other options out there and they just have to accept it that this is the only option for them to get a loan. Money is usually paid back each week when the customer gets paid; that's how they got the name payday loans. These financing options usually force consumers into a debt spiral that they just can't recover from. Who can realistically afford to pay 500% on a loan?  Even if you have bad credit and need new tires or wheels, it's wise to consider this a last option.

What it Takes to Get a Loan

To consumers it usually feels like lenders would like a few teeth, some blood, and maybe a few tears in a jar before they'll loan you money. It's common for most lending companies to ask you to provide many things from this list:

  • Photo identification
  • Proof of your income with pay stubs or W-2 forms
  • Your mother's maiden name
  • Verification of your address by showing a utility bill or copy of your lease or other legal document with your address on it
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of birth
  • Employment information
  • Previous addresses
  • Information about your current debts (mortgage or rent, student loans, and credit cards)
When you're done filling out the mountain of paperwork that goes with applying for a loan, it can feel like the biggest waste of time if you don't get approved.

Once Financed, What Tires are Available?

Tires and wheels vary widely depending on what kind of vehicle you drive and what weather conditions you're used to driving in. Just a few things to take into consideration when selecting tires are:

  • Vehicle type
  • Tire width
  • Wheel diameter
  • Aspect ratio
  • Speed rating
  • Load and pressure limits 
  • Treadwear and traction ratings

All of these factors come into play when thinking about how much your tires will cost you. This table from the data on should help you determine a budget for your tire financing:

Type of Tire Application Lifetime Price Range
Standard All-Season Tires Everyday driving for most cars in all seasons 40,000 - 100,000 miles for 2-5 years $50-$200 per tire
SUV or Light Truck Basic Tires Everyday driving for SUVs and Light Trucks 50,000 to 70,000 miles $60-$350 per tire
All-Terrain SUV or Light Truck Tires Moderate winter climates or off-road driving mixed with regular driving Some of these don't offer a treadwear warranty while others may offer up to 55,000 miles $110 - $750 per tire
Winter or Snow Tires Winter weather No tread warranty $60-$550 per tire
High performance for sports cars Summer weather, also known as summer tires 40,000 - 70,0000 miles, but many offer no tread warranty $100-$1400 per tire

Good Times to Buy New Tires

API Service Center offers some advice on when to buy new tires and why. The experts say that Spring and Fall are the best time for new tire purchases. It may be helpful to know that tires are typically on sale when the seasons change, so if you plan ahead, you can save a little extra cash. Most importantly, try not to wait until the treads are gone and you have bald tires before you replace them. 
Keep an eye out on your tires so you can plan accordingly to replace them before they become a hazard to you and your family. Shop around at several locations before you settle on a price for tires- and it helps to do some research online. The same tire can vary in cost from one shop to the next, and extras can add up too, so make sure you’re asking what the final cost would be.

How Long do Tires Last?

If you don’t drive long distances or put a lot of mileage on your car, your tires can last six to ten years, depending on the manufacturer. If you drive every day, then your tires probably won’t last that long. You can plan on three to six years of life in the typical tires. shares a good way to test if the treads are at a safe depth: put a quarter in the tread with Washington's head down and if you can see the top of Washington’s head, it’s time for new tires.
When you decide it’s time for new tires, don’t let the money stress you out. Sometimes you simply need new tires- and luckily, there are ways to get approved for tire financing even if you have bad credit. It's important to be safe on the road without worrying about not qualifying for a loan.

How to Tell if You Need New Tires

We’ve already talked about the tread test to see if you need new tires, but what about people who don’t do a lot of driving and don’t need to replace their tires very often? You need to check your tires monthly for cracks, uneven wear, and other signs that they are unsafe to drive on. Things to look for are:

  • Sections of tread that are wearing more than others - this might indicate that you need to have your tires balanced and/rotated
  • Treads that are too shallow to see Washington's head when a quarter is put into the treads
  • Cracks in the sidewalls of the tire from exposure to extreme temperatures
  • If you've had your tires for five years, have them checked annually by a professional to ensure that the treads are still fine

How to Maintain Tires for a Long Life

Maintaining your tires is important.  Taking good care of them from the beginning helps new tires and rims last a long time and keeps you from having to buy new ones too soon. You can extend the life of your tires by doing a few simple things on a regular basis:




  • Regular rotation and balancing






  • Check for uneven wearing of treads






  • Drive on the manufacturer recommended tire pressure and check your tire pressure monthly






  • Store tires out of harsh temperatures



    Keeping up with regular maintenance on your tires and checking them regularly will save you from things like uneven tread wear, bald tires and early replacement.

    Did you Know? experts share some little known facts about tires with us:

    • Under-inflated tires cause your gas mileage to go down
    • It takes more effort from your engine to run your car if the tires are under-inflated
    • Under or over inflated tires can be the cause of uneven tread wear and decrease the life of your tires
    • Follow the guidelines for tire pressure on the inside of your door or the gas tank door

    Hidden Costs when Purchasing Tires

    When you're buying tires, there's more to pay for than just the tires themselves. You can expect to pay for the tires to be mounted and balanced. It may also be a good idea to have new valve stems if you've never replaced them before. Most ads in the paper don't say that these extras are included in the cost, so you will need to plan on these extra costs. According to AutoTrader, you should plan on up to $20 per tire for hidden extras. You can also go to a tire store and ask for a printed quote list that will itemize all the costs for you. If the store is charging more than $20 extra per tire, you may want to get additional quotes to find the best pricing on your tires.

    What to Ask Tire Retailers

    Don't worry, if you haven't purchased tires before, there's nothing to be afraid of. It's important to ask your tire shop some questions so you can determine the best deal that's available to you.

    Ask about the balancing service that the shop offers. Do they balance your tires with a computer spinning balancer or with a bubble device? Shops offering the computerized option usually charge a little more for that service.

    What is the fee for disposing of your old tires? Some tire retailers include this service in their price, while others will charge you a small fee per tire.

    Get your Credit Back on Track with Tire Financing from Snap

    Financial experts agree that the best way to improve your credit is to pay your bills on time each month. Snap is here to help make that process easy. With automatic payments that come out of your account on a specific date each month, we’ll make it easy to pay your bills on time. We want to help you build your credit and help you get new tires for your vehicle.